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Staying in a hostel in Algeciras is a great alternative if you want to spend a few days of your holidays in the province.

Hostels generally offer just accommodation, though some of them offer breakfast as well. They have big rooms, equipped with bunk beds, and you share the space with other people. Hostels are often located in downtown areas, close to a tourist attraction, or close to the beach.

People staying in hostels are diverse, and it’s easy to meet people from other countries. This is the perfect way to learn about new traditions and cultures.

It’s very common to find young people staying in hostels, as they don’t plan to stay long in the city, either because they are backpacking and are just passing by or because they are going to a music festival.

There are also families with kids and groups of friends who visit the town to do adventure tourism and just need a place to rest.

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