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Bornos (Spain) is a unique location where to eat and enjoy its cuisine. It is located north of the main town of the sierra (Arcos de la Frontera), so many of its culinary traditions have their origin in this municipality. In Bornos there is a varied offer of restaurants, bars, taverns, mesones and ventas (the latter are typical roadside restaurants in the most rural regions).

In this Andalusian locality, you can enjoy the most traditional food. The culinary tastes and the way of cooking have passed down from parents to children.

The culinary offer in Bornos (Cadiz) is very wide and diverse. You can try lomo en manteca (pork loin in lard), carne mechada (slices of roast pork) or berza gitana (Andalusian-style stew). Apart from these exquisite dishes, snails are also very common, both in sauce and in tomato sauce.

These dishes are cooked by the best professionals with the best local products, essential to get the best results.

In Bornos you can visit great restaurants to enjoy a great meal with your family. But you should also go into very small bars, where the culture of the municipality is in the air.

On TUDESTINO we suggest the best offers to eat in Bornos. You will spend a fantastic culinary day with your nearest and dearest!

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