Check our guide on clubs in Cadiz. The best clubs and trendy nightspots to dance and enjoy Cadiz’s nightlife.

Our selection on clubs in Cadiz

The clubs in Cadiz are without a doubt unbeatable places to have a fun time and meet new people. These are the favorite places for people to go out, listen to music, share leisure time with other people, and have a drink.

Clubs don’t usually play live music although they often organize concerts. The result is a mix with all kind of music styles and artists that are organized by a professional DJ or a host.

These clubs lie in different areas of the city of Cadiz, mainly in the old town and in the promenade area. In the summer, Cadiz offers concerts by the beach, where you’ll surely have an unforgettable evening.

Clubs in Cadiz and the rest of Spain close when the sun goes up, instead of 3 AM like other places in Europe. This means, more time to enjoy Cadiz’s nightlife!

TUDESTINO gives you a selection of clubs where you can have a great time, meet new people and get in touch with the Cadiz people.

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