Clubs in Chipiona

Visit our clubs guide in Chipiona. The best clubs and trendy places to dance and enjoy the night in Cadiz.

Clubs in Chipiona

Our selection of Clubs in Chipiona

If you visit Chipiona and need to disconnect and have fun, going out to some of their clubs can be a good choice.

It is the perfect plan that most people choose when they want to go out at night to have a good time and meet people. They play music of various styles, usually played by a DJ and what they do is mix songs from many artists. Sometimes they also organize concerts of live singers or electronic music by a famous DJ.

These places are usually attended by people over 18 years old, and depending on the club, there are older or younger people. Younger people go to clubs where they play reggaeton and more commercial music while the clubs where older people go, their music is more alternative, such as rock and roll, techno or songs from another era.

Usually people who live in Chipiona go, but also many tourists who are staying there and want to socialize with people and have fun drinking and dancing.

If you are staying in the city of Chipiona and want to go out at night to enjoy and meet people, enter our website, TUDESTINO to find the best places to do so.

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Premium Picoco
Since 1983, there is a place that has been filling Chipiona with magic. On the shores of the iconic Playa de Regla, Picoco is the ideal place to have a coffee or a drink with the best music and the best views of the sea from its terrace. Open every day of the year from...

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