The best Beaches in the Province of Cadiz

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The best Beaches in the Province of Cadiz
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The province of Cadiz is known worldwide for the quality of its beaches. The coast of Cadiz is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean almost entirely, and by the Mediterranean Sea in a smaller area.

An extension of more than 250 kilometres where you will find more than 80 different beaches (coves, large beaches, inlets…). Each one of them has different characteristics but shared qualities, such as fantastic weather throughout the whole year, clear and clean waters, well-tended sands, good accesses and high-level services.

Beaches where to enjoy with your family, to play with the kids, to practise the best active tourism or to use the magnificent road travels to pay visits to nearby towns, to the great Natural Parks within the province, to historical sites or, simply, to go on a road trip. The natural monuments of some of these beaches, such as dunes and fishing weirs, offer opportunities to go fishing and spearfishing in transparent waters, or to go windsurfing and kitesurfing, among many other activities.

On TUDESTINO you will be able to get the most complete information about the beaches of the province of Cadiz. The beaches’ charm makes them unique.

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Playa de Fuentebravía
Playa de Fuentebravía, in El Puerto de Santa María, is a semi-urban beach of fine white sand. Spending a pleasant day with your crush, your friends or your family is more than guaranteed. It is located in a residential area (El Manantial and Fuentebravía). This beach is approximately 700 metres long. It is a very...

Playa de Valdevaqueros
Playa de Valdevaqueros, in Tarifa, is the mecca of sports lovers who mix water and wind. It is a large and wide beach, isolated from the residential areas. It has different establishments to eat, stay and rent equipment for the practise of these sports. As for the services and equipment offered, these include toilets, spa,...

Playa del Camarón / Tres Piedras
Playa del Camarón / Tres Piedras, in Chipiona, has an extension of just over 1.5 kilometres. It is located next to the Playa de Regla. Semi-urban of fine golden sand, with a medium degree of occupation and a moderate level of waves. You can practise all kinds of sports. Its services include access on foot, rental...

Playa de Palmones
Playa de Palmones is located in a popular neighbourhood of Los Barrios. Small in size, urban and equipped, calm waters predominate on this golden-sand beach. However, despite the industrial environment spoils it, it is worth visiting and eating at nearby tapas bars and restaurants. In addition, its services include toilets, spa, Red Cross, showers, rescue...

Playa de los Alemanes
Playa de los Alemanes, located between Cabo de la Plata and Cabo de Gracia, it is one of those beaches that you should definitely visit when in Tarifa. On the mountain that shelters this beach, you will find luxurious villas dotted along the entire slope. The water is incredibly transparent, ideal for snorkeling and swimming...

Playa de los Bateles
Playa de los Bateles, in the historic centre of Conil de la Frontera, is a fine golden sand beach. Its waters are calm and its size is approximately one kilometre long and about 130 metres wide. This city beach has free car park for your vehicle and with access ramps that directly overlook the sand....

Playa de Torrecarbonera / El Balneario
Playa de Torrecarbonera or El Balneario, in San Roque, has a slightly length of 1.3 kilometres. Besides, it is located in a natural environment. It is a secluded beach with dark sands and no promenade, with a medium occupancy level and moderate waves. There are some services. Being in an almost unpopulated area, the state...

Playa del Cañuelo
Playa del Cañuelo, also known as Playa de los Militares, is one of the few beaches that are completely unspoilt in Spain. It is one of those spots that will make you feel in full contact with nature. It is located in Tarifa, the southernmost city in the south. To get there, you have to...

Playa de la Costilla
Playa de la Costilla, in Rota, is a golden and fine sand beach that has a moderate swell. This is one of the most famous beaches in Rota, so its occupation in summer is usually high in practically all its kilometre and a half in length. This is because it is the beach that is...

Playa del Río San Pedro
Playa del Río San Pedro, in Puerto Real, has an extension of just over 1.5 kilometres. It is located in the Río San Pedro Neighbourhood and has continuity with the neighbouring Playa de Levante of El Puerto de Santa María. Golden sand semi-urban beach with a promenade in some areas, its occupancy level is low...

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