Our guide to the Equestrian Clubs of Rota

A riding club in Rota can be a great experience for those who love animals and especially horses. For those who have never ridden before, it can be a nice surprise.

In Spain, and especially in Andalusia, there is a very strong culture with horses, as they have been the hallmark of this land for many years.

In ancient times they were a means of transport, but after the industrial revolution they were relegated to a secondary role, and now they are used for recreation, making you feel more in touch with nature.

This experience can be done by any type of person, regardless of age, as they have professional monitors who give courses for any level and also act as guides when doing routes.

These routes can be through rural areas, usually established routes, or along the beach, on the shores of the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, taking a walk at sunset, an experience that will remain etched in your memory.

If you come to Rota for tourism, and you want to enjoy this wonderful opportunity to get to know the city in a special way, in our website, TUDESTINO, you will find all the information you need to practice it.

Discover Horse Riding Centre in Rota

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