The best schools and facilities to go Kayaking in Rota

A kayak ride through the waters of Rota is surely a very beautiful experience, especially when you are accompanied by your family, group of friends or as a couple.

Thanks to the crystal clear waters that bathe the coast of Cadiz, this activity can be unique. On top of being a great opportunity to get active, you can also observe the underwater life. In addition, thanks to the climate that we have here, you can go kayaking almost any day of the year.

You can do it on your own or opt for a professional instructor that will guide you through several fascinating routes. If you decide to go kayaking on your own, you will have a perfect opportunity to visit any corner of the coast and also explore places that cannot be reached by boats.

Not only can you go kayaking when the waters are calm, but also during the surf season. Get on a kayak and jump over the waves of all sizes. Feel the rush of adrenaline!

Professional instructors will teach you both how to use a kayak and how to use it to especially for surfing. Classes offers for all levels, from beginner to more advanced levels.

If you decide to visit Rota and you are interested in taking part in this incredible experience and enjoying the calm waters of the coast of Cadiz, go to our website TUDESTINO where you will find all the necessary information.

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