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Kitesurfing is a well known sport here in the Province of Cadiz, in Rota it is a good place, with some magnificent beaches to practice it.

Nearby is Tarifa, considered the Mecca of kitesurfing here in Spain, and where there is a great culture of this sport.

One of the advantages we have in the province is the climate, as most days are sunny and it’s usually windy, either from the east coming from the Mediterranean or the west from the Atlantic.

There are very well prepared schools, which have years of experience. They offer learning courses at all levels, both beginners and advanced, with professionals who have been practicing this sport all their lives. They also have enough material to rent and to practice it in groups.

After kiting, a good choice would be to go to a bar or restaurant to eat some typical fish dishes from the coast of Cadiz with a cold beer or a sherry from Jerez de la Frontera.

If you want to learn to kite on the beaches of Rota, or rent equipment to use on your own, on our website, TUDESTINO, we can provide you with the information you need.

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