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Surfing in Rota is a quite rewarding experience, as this is a very entertaining sport where every wave is a shot of adrenaline.

The problem with surfing is that not all beaches have waves, and not every day either. But the coast of Cadiz has many surfable beaches, and throughout the year, there are quite a few waves.

There are different types of waves, depending on the sea bed and the shape of the beach. The wind also helps to make them better or worse.

This sport is very entertaining to do with friends or family. So you can later comment on the funny moments of falls and the waves you have caught.

In Rota there are several surf schools and shops where you can rent all the necessary equipment and they also give classes for all levels, from beginners to the most expert. They also have clothes of the most surfer brands.

After practicing this sport, what you feel like is something to refresh you, so it is advisable to visit some bar or restaurant in the area of the promenade.

If you visit Rota and are interested in surfing, please visit our website, TUDESTINO, for all the necessary information.

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