Food in Villamartin, Spain. Find the best places where to eat: Restaurants, tapas bars, ventas and traditional places to have lunch or dinner in Villamartin, Spain. Tapas in Villamartin. Quality recommendations, with good service and good food. Checked for you by TUDESTINO, the specialised website in the province of Cadiz.


Villamartin (Spain) is located in the centre of the Sierra de Cádiz. It is a unique place where to eat and get to know a little more about its cuisine. In Villamartin (Cadiz) there is a huge offer of restaurants, bars and ventas (typical roadside restaurants).

In this Andalusian municipality, you can taste its local dishes in any traditional bar and the most modern food for the most demanding diners in more innovative restaurants.

Villamartín’s cuisine is very wide and diverse. Taste its most popular tomato soups, salmorejos and gazpachos, and the traditional tagarninas or asparagus stews. Apart from these delicious dishes, it is important to mention its pastries, such as roscos blancos (similar to éclairs), pitisús or cuernos de crema.

All these dishes are prepared in an artisan way by magnificent chefs with the best local products, essential to get the best results.

In Villamartín you can find great restaurants where you will get to know the local cuisine. But you can also eat at some small bars where you will have a good time with friends.

On TUDESTINO we suggest the best places where to eat in Villamartín. You will get to know everything related to its delicious local cuisine!

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