What to See in Zahara de la Sierra

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What to See in Zahara de la Sierra
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One of the most influential must-see places of Zahara de la Sierra is the natural environment of the Sierra de Grazalema in which it is located. It makes it an extraordinary place to enjoy nature.

You can discover its history through the interesting places that the municipality has, such as the Nasrid Village (Poblado Nazarí). It is a medieval village that extends through the highest part of the town, along with the Tower Keep. This monument is preserved until today and it reflects the rich history of the municipality.

The historical building par excellence is the Clock Tower and the emblematic religious building Iglesia Santa María de la Mesa. Both enjoy great historical value.

One of the unique spots that this town keeps is the Spanish Fir Forest (Bosque de Pinsapos), as it is located within the town centre. You can walk and enjoy the nature that this place offers.

On TUDESTINO we offer all the information for you to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of the towns of the Sierra de Grazalema and the Province of Cádiz.

Discover What to See in Zahara de la Sierra

Nasrid Village — Main Church of Zahara
The Nasrid Village (“Poblado Nazarí”) of Zahara de la Sierra (province of Cádiz) is a site that stretches over the top of the rock where the village sits. We can find the old “Medieval Village” in a space defined by two defensive lines, as well as the Main Church. There are many important buildings. Torre del...

Torre del Homenaje
The Torre del Homenaje (“Keep Tower”) is a monument that has arrived in good condition to our days from the old Nasrid town of Zahara de la Sierra. It has an almost square plant and it consists of two floors and a roof. Due to its location and height, it is the neuralgic point of...

Spanish Fir Forest
Zahara de la Sierra (province of Cadiz) is the only town that has a Spanish fir forest (bosque de pinsapos) within its city centre. This noteworthy tree and unique of its kind is a relic of the Quaternary. This small gardened area has other native trees of the area such as the gall oak, the...

Church of Santa Maria de la Mesa
The Church of Santa Maria de la Mesa is a beautiful 17th century temple. It was built on an old hermitage in Zahara de la Sierra (province of Cádiz). Outside, the main facade and its baroque pink marble façade stand out. The first time you see it, the simplicity of the side walls of the...

Torre del Reloj Zahara
Torre del Reloj (“Clock Tower”) is one of the oldest monuments in Zahara de la Sierra (Andalusia). This old bell tower marked the rhythm of life of the people indicating the duration of the days and worship activities. It was built in the 16th century. It was part of an ancient shrine and is attached...

Sierra de Grazalema
The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is one of the places with the greatest ecological value in Andalusia. This natural park, which records the highest rainfall rates in Spain, presents an indigenous fauna and flora of incalculable wealth. Its caves and gorges will delight lovers of...

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