The Best Environmental Education in the Province of Cadiz

Find the best centres in the Province of Cadiz where they teach to value the importance of environmental education.

The Best Environmental Education in the Province of Cadiz
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In a region with as much nature and diversity as the province of Cadiz, more and more social initiatives are emerging to promote environmental education among the population.

Environmental education helps to take care of the environment, so that sustainable models can be created for it.

Environmental education not only corresponds to the kids, but also to the elderly. We must all protect the environment in order to enjoy it. In addition, there’s currently a large number of centres for children where this environmental education is promoted, so that they learn from an early age the importance of taking care of what surrounds us.

In El Puerto de Santa María we find a great centre that children can visit or where they can spend a few days in the form of a camp. They learn how to take care of the environment and they carry out activities in a sustainable way.

In Tavizna we also find a nature classroom, where you learn enjoying everything that surrounds you.

Finally, you can also find various farm schools in the province; the most known ones are in Chiclana de la Frontera.

On TUDESTINO we would like to offer you the best centres of environmental education in the province. Both you and your children can learn in a playful way to conserve and take care of the environment.

Discover The Best Environmental Education in the Province of Cadiz

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