The best Things to do in Algeciras

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The best Things to do in Algeciras
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Guide to the best things to do in Algeciras

Algeciras is one of the largest cities in the Province of Cádiz. It has an authentic seafaring tradition but, even so, it is a modern and cosmopolitan city. Due to its strategic position between the continents of Europe and North Africa and its large port infrastructure, it is a key point in global maritime traffic.

There are plenty of tapas bars, restaurants, urban and rural accommodation, events and activities to make the most of this city during your stay.

Try climbing or hiking between the Natural Parks of El Estrecho and Los Alcornocales. You also have the possibility to make routes through the Palmones River Marsh. It is a place formed by a chain of dunes, a marsh and a flooded area. Or make one along the beautiful Parque del Centenario, a large recreational area where you can find historical vestiges, green areas and spectacular views of the well-known Strait of Gibraltar.

Algeciras also has many beautiful beaches, such as the semi-urban beach of Getares or El Rinconcillo beach. The latter is the most extensive and the most frequented by the locals. El Chinarral beach is located between the cliffs of Punta de San García and Punta del Rodeo. On all these, visitors enjoy the wonderful landscape, weather and tourist activities available.

Discover The best Things to do in Algeciras

Huerta Grande
Imagine being able to stay in the countryside, enjoying the mountain and a forest full of cork oak and laurel trees. Huerta Grande is the perfect rural accommodation for you. Located on a farm with more than 7 hectares, the place is just perfect for you to unwind from daily stress with your family. This is...

Garganta del Capitán
La Garganta del Capitán Route is located in Los Alcornocales Natural Park, specifically in Algeciras. One of the great characteristics of this route is that it has a spectacular riverside vegetation called “canutos”. This is a laurel forest where we find many ferns. This route has a distance of 3.1 kilometres, which takes approximately 2...

Río de la Miel
This tour takes you along Río de la Miel (“River of Honey”). A fascinating path of cultural and natural interest in Algeciras. You can discover an important cultural legacy: ruins of canals and windmills, old roads, bridges medieval style or the Las Niñas Fountain and Source. The vegetation of this tropical forest, with species that...

Parque del Centenario
Parque del Centenario (“Centenary Park”) is a green area located in the so-called Punta de San García, in Algeciras (province of Cadiz). With over 100,000 square metres, in this spot of Algeciras you can find some historical remains. One example is the Fort of San Garcia and the remains of the ancient battlement tower of...

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