Paddle Surf – SUP in Chipiona

Discover our guide of Paddle Surf Schools in Chipiona (SUP). Paddle Surf Courses in Chipiona, discover this sport of easy learning and fun.

Paddle Surf – SUP in Chipiona

Schools, shops and courses of Paddle Surf – SUP in Chipiona

Enjoying a paddle-surfing tour of Chipiona’s beaches can be a fairly fun and easy activity for people who are less skilled at surfing.

This sport is relatively new, although it’s becoming quite famous, as it’s a very simple and beautiful way of taking a walk in the calm waters of the Atlantic that bathe the coast of Cadiz.

In the different schools there are, you have all the necessary material, the board, the paddle and neoprene, to practice this sport. In addition, the different monitors can teach you how to ride and move around the sea, as well as act as guides to show you the most beautiful spots on the beach.

When there are big waves, you can also surf, although it is much more complicated and requires more time to learn. But people with experience can rent the equipment for their use.

It could be a very nice experience that will stay in your memory if you go with friends or family as the sun goes down.

If you are going to Chipiona for a holiday and would like to try this experience, go to our website, TUDESTINO, to find all the information you need.

Discover Paddle Surf – SUP in Chipiona

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