The best Active Tourism activities in Paterna de Rivera

Discover our Active Tourism Guide in Paterna de Rivera. Discover the great variety of active sports, activities, courses, routes (and much more!) that you can do in Paterna de Rivera.

The best Active Tourism activities in Paterna de Rivera

The Best Outdoor Tourism Activities in Paterna de Rivera

Paterna de Rivera is a town located in the La Janda region, known for its cattle-farming tradition and the stud farms. It is part of the well-known Ruta del Toro, a rural itinerary of great cultural value in the Province of Cádiz. This town is also known for being a cradle of one of the flamenco styles: “Peteneras” singing.

Paterna de Rivera boasts several natural spaces to carry out active and outdoor tourism activities. Among these spaces, the Guadalcacín Reservoir stands out, being the largest in the province. It’s the perfect place for doing several water sports such as paddlesurfing, canoeing, swimming, sailing and kayaking.

The Cortegana Recreational Area is a beautiful green space where you can enjoy nature and go hiking, cycling or horse riding.

La Fuentecita (the little spring) is also a key point of interest in this municipality, as it is the only sulfur-saline spring that has lasted through to our time out of many that used to supply the health resort in the area in the nineteenth century.

Paterna de Rivera is an extraordinary place, both for its surroundings and for its historical heritage, that makes all those who decide to visit this magnificent town fall in love with it.

Discover The best Active Tourism activities in Paterna de Rivera

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