Discover our guide to the best cafés in Prado del Rey. Your guide to the best places where you can enjoy a good coffee, tea, cakes, pastries and much more.

The best cafés and coffee shops in Prado del Rey

If you want to kick start your day full of energy and ready for a day full of activities and adventures in the Sierra de Cádiz, a café in Prado del Rey would be the ideal place to have breakfast.

You can find coffee shops anywhere in the town, some of them boasting amazing views.

Have a cup of coffee with a ham and tomato toast or a “colorá” lard toast (local type of an orange-coloured pork fat) before going sightseeing.

There you can find local people who have breakfast before going to work or while reading the press.

At midday, eat some tapas while you drink a beer or a glass of Sherry wine. Tapas offer is very varied: shredded beef, fried pork rinds, ham, olives or cheese.

In the evening, it is very usual to see people eating a piece of homemade cake or something sweet. They serve all types of coffee: black, small white, macchiatto, cappuccino, American, Irish and also natural orange juice.

In some coffee shops you can even throw a birthday party, have a cup of coffee and eat a piece of cake freshly baked on the spot.

If you want to go to a café in Prado del Rey, check our website TUDESTINO and find all the options available for you!

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