Whales and Dolphins watching in Tarifa

Enjoy the opportunity to be in close contact with dolphins and whales in Tarifa. We offer you all the information about excursions, how to get there, photos...

Whales and Dolphins watching in Tarifa

Where to see Whales and Dolphins in Tarifa

Tarifa is an ideal place for whale and dolphin watching, if you travel with your partner, family and friends there is no doubt that the experience will be a unique one.

And the reason is its characteristic location. This charming coastal town is located at the southernmost point of our country, just a few kilometres from the African continent. It separates Europe from Africa and the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

This causes a continuous movement of cetaceans such as whales and dolphins in the strait. Due to this specific circumstance, many companies have been created in Tarifa that offer the possibility of sailing by boat through the strait while watching these whales and dolphins and while explaining a little about this marine fauna so typical of Tarifa.

In the case of travelling with the youngest ones we strongly recommend you not to miss the opportunity to practice this whale and dolphin watching with them, it will be without any doubt an experience you will not forget.

Without a doubt whale and dolphin watching is a great ideal but it is made even more fantastic by the very pleasant climate and the unique views of the strait.

If you come to Tarifa and are interested in whale and dolphin watching, do not hesitate to consult our website TUDESTINO where you will find all the information you need about this activity.

Discover Whales and Dolphins watching in Tarifa

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