Kayak – Canoe in El Palmar

Your comprehensive guide to kayaking in El Palmar, Cádiz. Find the best companies that offer kayaking lessons and courses, suitable for all levels and ages.

Kayak – Canoe in El Palmar

The best schools and facilities to go Kayaking in El Palmar

Kayaking in El Palmar is a very beautiful experience that will allow you to see some amazing landscapes.

We are sure that the combination of sport with nature and the views of the coastline that you will be able to admire from the sea is surely going to impress you! It is a palce where the sea and the mountains merge creating a unique setting.

The El Palmar beach is a pretty nice place, featuring a rather alternative atmosphere with a mix of surfers, moneyed people and people who live a hippie lifestyle.

Local water sports centres and schools have all the necessary equipment to go kayaking. It is possible to rent kayaks and paddle on your own. However, you can also opt for lessons from a professional instructor and let him/her guide you through the most beautiful spots of this beach. These professionals will watch over your safety.

Thanks to the climate that we have here in the Province of Cádiz, you can go kayaking almost any day of the year. It also makes the experience more beautiful since you can observe the amazing landscapes of the Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light).

If you come to the coast and want to go kayaking at El Palmar beach, go to our website TUDESTINO and you will find all the necessary information.

Discover Kayak – Canoe in El Palmar

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