Pubs in Cadiz city

Find out our selection on pubs in Cadiz to enjoy in good company. Liquors, domestic and imported beers, cocktails, and much more!

Pubs in Cadiz city
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OUR GUIDE ON PUBS IN the city of Cadiz

Going to any of the pubs in the city of Cadiz’s can be the perfect way to have a great time, socialize, and meet new people.

It’s known throughout Spain that the people of Cadiz are warm, kind, and easy-going. Don’t miss the opportunity to make new friends!

The city of Cadiz offers a wide range of alternatives to enjoy the nightlife. The city has countless pub clubs with no entrance fee that usually close around 4 AM.

Besides, these pubs lie very centrally, in the Old Town of Cadiz and on the city’s promenade. In them, you can have coffee, a drink or a cocktail of great quality. This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy having a drink in a much more relaxed way than in a club. Pubs in Cadiz are different than in other countries though, as in Cadiz, pubs usually don’t serve food.

Check TUDESTINO, go through all pubs in Cadiz and find the pub that best fits you, you’ll have a nice time!

Descubre Pubs in Cadiz city

Premium Marama Multibar
Marama Multibar is located in a great spot on the Cadiz promenade. It will surprise you with its elegant décor. This is such a great option for your leisure time! It has a fantastic terrace where you can enjoy excellent sea views and watch unique sunsets. Marama Multibar is an ideal place to eat in a...

Premium Musalima Bar
Musalima Bar is a restaurant in Cadiz and a port of call in the city. A nice mix of modernity and coolness, almost tropical design and great food with a touch of Peru and exotic style. In addition to a very interesting menu, there are also all kind of long drinks and cocktails. The restaurant is...

Premium Pub O’Donoghue’s Cadiz
Pub O’Donoghue’s Cadiz has a wide selection of whiskey, rum and gin, as well as their strong point: beer. More than 50 varieties of beer are at your disposal at this wonderful pub. In the afternoon, they serve excellent Irish coffee, which is one of their specialities. You should definitely try it! At Pub O’Donoghue’s...

Premium Sala El Pelicano – Concerts and Events
In a place as special as Baluarte de San Roque, which belongs to the historical defensive complex of Puertas de Tierra in Cadiz city, you will find Sala El Pelicano. This vaulted two-floor building was converted into a concert and event hall. This cultural area, which also works as a café, pub and tapas bar,...

Premium Woodstock Bar
Woodstock Bar offers two different environments for your leisure and entertainment time. Their success is based on the combination of good music and the best artisanal and international beer. At Woodstock Beach, located on the Cadiz promenade, you will enjoy superb views of the beach at their wonderful terrace. Moreover, you will enjoy a great...

Premium Arsenio Manila
Arsenio Manila Multibar is located at the beach of Cadiz, right in front of the sea. The kitchen is open continuously from 13.00 pm to 01.00 am. Here you can eat a snack overlooking the beach or have fun on one of its two outdoor terraces. Seasonal fresh products from the market are served here....

Premium Muelle Uno
Located in the heart of the old town of Cadiz, Muelle Uno is constantly updated. It has been furnished with great taste by the owners. The interior of Muelle Uno Bar is decorated in wood in different tones. Besides, it has been painted by themselves, with the same hands which prepare the famous cocktails, mojitos...

Pub O’Connell’s Cadiz
Pub O’Connell’s Cadiz offers a wide selection of whiskey, rum and gin, as well as an incredible choice of beers: more than 50 varieties of beers can be found here! Coffee is also an important part in this pub. A great Irish coffee in the afternoon is undoubtedly a must. At Pub O’Connell’s Cadiz, the...

Al Lao del Muelle
In one of the most beautiful spots of Cadiz we find Al Lao del Muelle, this tapas bar that offers a slightly special concept. Here you will find the best products offered in the renowned and well-known taverns of the province. At the same time, you have the opportunity to extend your evening as in...

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