Pubs in Chipiona

Pubs in Chipiona
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Discover our selection of pubs in Chipiona to enjoy in good company. Liquors, national and international beers, cocktails and much more

OUR PUB GUIDE in Chipiona

If you feel like having a good time and meeting people, the pubs in Chipiona are a perfect choice when it comes to going out at night.

There are several establishments to choose from, all with a very good atmosphere. There are people from the village and also tourists who want to get to know the world of the night as well. So it’s easy to meet people from anywhere in Spain and even the world.

In these places they usually serve alcoholic drinks, and there is a variety of music, such as Rock and Roll, Indie, Pop, and even old songs from another era.

They are a good place to enjoy with friends, or with your partner. Also, in these places, the difference with other nightclubs is that they do not usually play commercial music. Most of them are in the beach area, although there are also some more central ones.

They usually open earlier and close earlier than the discotheques and are smaller than these, so they are more welcoming places where you can chat quietly with people.

If you are on holiday in Chipiona and would like to disconnect and have fun socialising with locals and tourists, check out our website, TUDESTINO, for information on all the pubs we have.

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Premium Picoco
Since 1983, there is a place that has been filling Chipiona with magic. On the shores of the iconic Playa de Regla, Picoco is the ideal place to have a coffee or a drink with the best music and the best views of the sea from its terrace. Open every day of the year from...

Chiringuito Ohana 3 piedras
In one of the best locations on the 3 Piedras beach in Chipiona, we find this ideal place to enjoy a day with family or friends at the beach. The beach bar Ohana 3 Piedras offers a varied gastronomic offer where you can enjoy the excellent local cuisine, its best raw materials, recipes that blend...

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