The best of Culture in Arcos de la Frontera

The best of Culture in Arcos de la Frontera
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Guide to the cultural events and entertainment in Arcos de la Frontera, Province of Cádiz. Cultural tours, tourist guides, shows. Explore the best of culture in Arcos de la Frontera.

The best of culture in Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos de la Frontera is a beautiful white inland town of the Province of Cádiz that is a must-see for all culture lovers. This town is an ideal place for you to discover the different cultural elements that can be found here and learn all about them.

Arcos de la Frontera boasts a wealth of items of great cultural value: churches, religious imagery and sculptures, museums, music, cuisine and history. An enriching experience for all!

All this will undoubtly make you enjoy your visit to the town of Arcos de la Frontera, especially if you are a culture lover. The history of Arcos de la Frontera is stricly related to its culture, as the influence of the legacy of Al-Andalus has left its mark on the town.

What is more, the local cuisine is undoubtedly part of our culture. When visiting Arcos, trying the typical food is something that you must try.

Arcos de la Frontera is not only renowned for its beautiful architecture, but also for the less “tangible” culture. For example, flamenco. If you visit Arcos de la Frontera, you should attend a live flamenco show. Surely, it won’t leave you indifferent!

In conclusion, if you are a real culture aficionado, Arcos de la Frontera is an ideal town to spend unforgettable holidays. Don’t hesitate to check out our website TUDESTINO to find all useful info about Arcos de la Frontera.

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Santa María Minor Basilica
The Santa María Minor Basilica is the biggest and the main church of Arcos de la Frontera. It was built between the 13th and 14th centuries on the remains of the old Arab Mosque, and it mixes different styles. Outside, the façade is in Gothic-plateresque style and the tower of the side façade is in...

Plaza del Cabildo
Plaza del Cabildo is probably one of the most legendary spots in Arcos de la Frontera. We find there buildings or places as important for Arcos as the National Parador, the Mirador de la Peña Nueva, the Santa María Minor Basilica and the Ducal Castle. As its name suggests, it houses the Town Hall of...

Chapel of La Misericordia
The Chapel of La Misericordia was built by the Marquis of Cádiz in the late 15th century. It had the aim of being a shelter for abandoned children and a women’s hospital. The portal, in Gothic style, stands out, as well as two portraits of the Marquis of Cádiz carved in capitals inside. Currently, it...

Convent of Las Mercedarias
The Convent of Las Mercedarias, in Arcos de la Frontera, is founded for this very purpose in the mid-17th century, thanks to the contributions of Ms. Beatriz de la Calle. Inside, the Chapel and its Baroque altar stand out. We should highlight the statues of Nuestra Señora De la Merced, San José and a Niño...

The Granary (“Pósito”) is a building with a beautiful stone façade from the 18th century. It is located in Arcos de la Frontera. It was built in 1788 to house the new granary by mandate of Charles III of Spain. The former, built during the time of the Catholic Monarchs, was not enough. Once its...

Nuestra Señora de las Nieves School
The Nuestra Señora de las Nieves School is located in Arcos de la Frontera. It was founded as a convent in 1675 by the Jesuits. After their expulsion by Charles III of Spain two years later, it was occupied by Mercedarians until the confiscation of Mendizabal. On the façade we can see a shield of...

Church of San Agustín in Arcos
The Church of San Agustín was part of the Convent of San Juan Letrán in Arcos de la Frontera. It was founded in the first half of the 16th century. Moreover, it was occupied at the end of it by the Augustinian fathers. It acquired some importance locally as a school, teaching subjects like Art,...

Casa de los Jesuitas
The Casa de los Jesuitas (House of the Jesuits) is the current market of Arcos de la Frontera. Located in Plaza Boticas, this building began to be built in mid-18th century to accommodate the Order. However, it remained unfinished after the first expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain, ordered by Charles III of Spain. As...

Conde del Águila Palace
Conde del Águila Palace is a building of the 15th century in the Gothic-Mudejar style. Located in Arcos de la Frontera, it is one of the oldest in the province of Cádiz. We should highlight the décor of the façade, especially the windows with alfiz panels and two structures. The alfiz panel that frames the...

Church of San Francisco in Arcos
The Church of San Francisco, in Arcos de la Frontera, was part of the Franciscan Convent built in the 16th century. It covers the area of the Hermitage of San Antonio. After the confiscation of Mendizabal, only the church remained. We should mention the tile base of the Sevillian School of the fifteenth century, the...

Santa María Minor Basilica

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