Kayak – Canoe in Cadiz city

Your comprehensive guide to kayaking in the city of Cádiz. Find the best companies that offer kayaking lessons and courses, suitable for all levels and ages.

Kayak – Canoe in Cadiz city

The best schools and facilities to go Kayaking in the city of Cádiz

Going on a kayaking tour around Cádiz is an incredible experience that you will not forget! You can share it with your close ones, whether it is your family, friends or as a couple. You can do it on your own or as a group with a specialized guide that will take you to the best spots.

Cádiz boasts one of the best urban beaches in Spain and, at the same time, an impressive bay where many kayaking tours take place. There you can enjoy the climate and discover some water animals.

While it is true that Kayaking is a sport, everyone can take part in this experience, though. It is a great and fun plan to do it with the family, with your friends or as a couple.

Kayaking can be a very interesting complementary plan that will allow you to learn a lot about the underwater life of Cádiz. Why not seize the opportunity and combine your kayaking tour with a great meal? Try the typical local seafood dishes, such as shrimp fritters, fried squid, marinated dogfish, etc.

If you are interested in this fantastic experience, check out our website for all available kayaking options to have some great time. TUDESTINO will provide you with the best info about kayaking.

Discover Kayak – Canoe in Cadiz city

Hopupu Surf School
Hopupu Surf School is located at Playa de Santa María, in Cadiz city centre. It is the best place in Andalusia to practise surf all year long because of the excellent wind in the area which creates exciting, high waves. Hopupu is a group of qualified personal trainers and lifeguards with more than 15 years...

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