The best Active Tourism activities in Cadiz City

Discover our Active Tourism Guide in Cadiz. Discover the great variety of Active sports, activities, courses, routes (and much more!) that you can do in Cadiz.

The best Active Tourism activities in Cadiz City
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The Best Outdoor Tourism Activities in Cadiz

Cádiz, the so-called Spain’s “Little Silver Cup”, is the capital of the province of Cádiz. It is a true gem that offers all kinds of possibilities to its visitors. The architecture, the tradition, the cuisine, the parties, the landscapes and the close treatment of the local people are some of the factors that make everybody visiting this beautiful city to fall in love with it.

Cádiz is an ideal place for Active tourism. For starters, Cadiz is surrounded by magnificent Victoria and Santa Maria del Mar beaches that allow you to go surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, paddle surfing or canoeing. What is more, the city boasts some of the best centres and schools, with experienced instructors and first-class equipment.

Sailing around the Bay of Cadiz is one of the greatest activities that offer you to sail through its crystal clear waters and admire the panoramic views of the capital.

This city also offers places to go paragliding, cycling or simply exploring its narrow and ancient alleys full of history.

The city boasts a wide culinary offer of both traditional and local food, restaurants serving modern and innovative cuisine, as well as bars and club with great atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, Cádiz is a place that will not disappoint anyone who decides to spend their holidays here. It offers endless possibilities to make your stay truly unforgettable.

Discover The best Active Tourism activities in Cadiz City

Premium Escuela Taboga
Since 2002, TABOGA Navigation School is a landmark in maritime training in Andalusia. They offer courses for all qualifications: navigation license, PNB, PER, skipper and sailors. There is also boat rental available and leasing of larger sailboats is possible. Experience the fabulous surroundings of the Bay of Cadiz by boat and take pleasure in unique...

Cádiz Surf Center
Cádiz Surf Center is located on 4 Nereidas Street, directly on the beach promenade in the Cortadura area. They offer lessons every day of the year, in all conditions. The timetable depends on the season. You will learn very quickly all the necessary skills for surfing, as they have a specific methodology. Surf lessons in...

Las Bicis Naranjas
If you visit Cadiz, you will be surprised by another type of bike rental in the city. Las Bicis Naranjas (“The Orange Bikes”) will make your stay memorable with various proposals for entertainment, culture and tours. Discover Cadiz in a different way and have lots of fun! In this shop, urban cycling is the main...

Hopupu Surf School
Hopupu Surf School is located at Playa de Santa María, in Cadiz city centre. It is the best place in Andalusia to practise surf all year long because of the excellent wind in the area which creates exciting, high waves. Hopupu is a group of qualified personal trainers and lifeguards with more than 15 years...

Bahía de Cádiz Incoming
Bahía de Cádiz Incoming is a group of trained professionals who love the province of Cadiz and try to give the visitors their knowledge of this part of Andalusia. Here you will find an overview of their range of excursions in the province: • Regular Tours, with guaranteed places and different departure points in the...

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