The best Things to do in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Here you will find all the information you need about what to do in El Puerto de Santa María and outskirts. Discover the activities you can do in the municipality and good places to visit with the best recommendations. The only specialised website in the Province of Cádiz.

The best Things to do in El Puerto de Santa Maria
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El Puerto de Santa Maria is known as the City of the 100 Palaces. It is a city of seafaring tradition and one of the most requested destinations by tourists in the summer season.

The city has endless possibilities for you to live totally different and unforgettable holidays. Visit one of the prestigious wineries of Fino wine or Moscatel, very typical of the province.

Enjoy nautical activities such as sailing, catamaran or boat trips, kayaking, canoeing or paddle surfing. You can practise different water sports such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing with those schools that offer the best material and with the most qualified instructors.

Other active tourism activities you can do in El Puerto can be bike routes, as in Casa de los Toruños. Here they organise guided tours, as well as weekly programs to enjoy the natural environment where you can also go hiking. You can visit bull breeding farms on the outskirts of the city, such as in Medina Sidonia, Vejer, Jerez de la Frontera and some other cities.

Some points of interest that can be visited are the Castillo de San Marcos, being one of the most representative ones of the city. The Prioral Church built in the upper part of El Puerto and the Doña Blanca Archaeological Site. The Bullring, opened in 1880, has extraordinary dimensions and immense elegance.

Other places you can visit would be Casa de Leones and the Monastery of La Victoria, among others.

El Puerto de Santa María has a wide range of Spanish taverns, restaurants, tapas bars and patisseries with typical and authentic cuisine of the area. In addition, you have at your disposal many accommodation options for all tastes and budgets.

TUDESTINO helps you with everything you need so you can get to know El Puerto de Santa María and make the most of your holidays!

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Premium Restaurante Romerijo
Restaurante Romerijo is a family business that has a long tradition of offering quality seafood. It has become, by its own merits, one of the culinary references in El Puerto de Santa María. The expansion and commercial development of the most popular culinary area of ​​the city, La Ribera del Marisco, is also thanks to...

Premium Castle of San Marcos and Bodega Caballero
The Castle of San Marcos is one of the historical symbols in El Puerto de Santa María (Province of Cadiz, Spain). It has Roman origin and was an important Muslim location. It forges its legend after the reconquest of the city as a religious and defensive building. This happened after the appearance of the Virgin...

Premium Restaurante Toro Tapas
Restaurante Toro Tapas is a restaurant in El Puerto de Santa Maria that opened in 2016. It is part of the Bodegas Osborne Wine Tourism complex, located in the historic city. A visit to this restaurant allows you to enjoy a unique dining experience in a spectacular setting. A part of the winery in the...

Premium Babaloo
Babaloo is a pub in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Province of Cadiz, Andalusia) that offers a wide selection of whiskey, rum and gin. However, they have a strong point: more than 50 varieties of beer. Coffee is also one of their specialities. Enjoy an original Irish coffee, the most desired drink here in the...

Premium El Faro de El Puerto
In an old stately home in El Puerto de Santa María we find Restaurante El Faro de El Puerto. It has become one of the culinary references of the area. This has been so thanks to its determined commitment to Andalusian haute cuisine and the best products that Cadiz provides, as well as its experienced...

Rafael Alberti and Pedro Muñoz Seca Tours
Rafael Alberti and Pedro Muñoz Seca Tours along El Puerto de Santa María are very important to get to know two very significant writers for the city. Both are closely linked to the history of this city. Rafael Alberti Tour In the case of Rafael Alberti, he lived his childhood and early teenage years in...

Bahía de Cádiz Incoming
Bahía de Cádiz Incoming is a group of trained professionals who love the province of Cadiz and try to give the visitors their knowledge of this part of Andalusia. Here you will find an overview of their range of excursions in the province: • Regular Tours, with guaranteed places and different departure points in the...

Do you feel like knowing El Puerto de Santa María in a totally different and sustainable way? Find out step by step how to carry out the Circular bike route. We start at the Reception and Information Centre (CRI) and head towards the old N-IV road to cross it. Take the cycle path to Calderón...

Río Guadalete
Would you like to know El Puerto de Santa María by riding? Enjoy the “Río Guadalete” bike route. We leave the Reception and Information Centre (CRI) towards the Coto de la Isleta, turning to the left along the salt pans. Following the path, we cross the Guadalete River (Río Guadalete). We do so through the...

Restaurante Bienmesabe
There are charming places committed to quality and attentive and friendly service, covering everything down to the last detail. This is the case of Restaurante Bienmesabe, located in El Puerto de Santa María. It represents a real Burger and Grill Dinner. The restaurant has a very nice décor, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. On the menu,...

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