Sailing in Cadiz city

Check our guide on all businesses that organize sailing activities in the city of Cadiz. Private or group lessons and practical lessons in the sea.

Sailing in Cadiz city

Sailing schools and facilities in the city of Cadiz

Sailing in the city of Cadiz is an unbeatable option to enjoy its wonderful beaches and its pleasant climate.

As said before, Cadiz is one of the best places to sail thanks to the winds that originate in the strait between Spain and Africa: the Levante and the Ponente, the ideal combination of winds to sail.

Many people believe that sailing can be a hard sport, but that is certainly not the case, as sailing schools offer lessons to all kinds of people and all levels. It is a great activity to do with your family, friends, or your partner, though if you do it by yourself it can become a great opportunity to meet new people. There are schools with a great variety of sailing boats, equipment, and professionals that offer all kinds of lessons, from absolute beginner to experienced levels.

There’s nothing better than spending the day outdoors trying out a new activity, surrounded by nice people and a picturesque setting. After a day full of intense emotions and new experiences, don’t miss the chance to try the best traditional meals of the area, fish tapas and seafood in the bars and restaurants on beaches and ports, close to sailing schools.

Check TUDESTINO to get all information on sailing in the city of Cadiz.

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Premium Escuela Taboga
Since 2002, TABOGA Navigation School is a landmark in maritime training in Andalusia. They offer courses for all qualifications: navigation license, PNB, PER, skipper and sailors. There is also boat rental available and leasing of larger sailboats is possible. Experience the fabulous surroundings of the Bay of Cadiz by boat and take pleasure in unique...

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