The best of Culture in Cadiz City

Guide to the cultural events and entertainment in the city of Cádiz. Cultural tours, tourist guides, shows. Explore the best of culture in Cádiz.

The best of Culture in Cadiz City
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The best of culture in the city of Cádiz

Cádiz city is an ideal place for you to discover the three-thousand-year-old heritage that can be found here and learn all about it, especially if you are a culture lover.

Cádiz boasts a wealth of items of great cultural value: the Cathedral, many churches, Phoenician ruins, museums and so on.

All this will undoubtly make you enjoy your visit to the city of Cádiz.

Cádiz is not only renowned for its beautiful architecture, but also for the less “tangible” culture: for example, flamenco. If you visit Cádiz you should attend a live flamenco show. Surely, it won’t leave you indifferent!

What is more, the local cuisine is undoubtedly part of our culture. When you visit Cádiz, trying the typical coastal food is something that you must do.

In conclusion, if you are a real culture aficionado, Cádiz is one of the best cities to spend unforgettable holidays. Don’t hesitate to check out our website TUDESTINO to find all useful info about the magical city of Cádiz.

Discover The best of Culture in Cadiz City

Cadiz Cathedral
The Cadiz Cathedral, designed by Vicente de Acero, is a spectacular architectural work of art. It originally manages to combine the traditional Spanish architecture with baroque Italian forms. Its construction is promoted during the Golden Age of the city of Cadiz. It was by the time it had the monopoly of the American trade to...

Convent of Santo Domingo
The Convent of Santo Domingo is located in a place known as “the Boquete”. This is so because it was the site where the Anglo-Dutch assailants had thrown the image of the Virgen del Rosario in 1596. The construction of the present monastery complex started in 1645. It could be built thanks to the financial...

Plaza San Antonio
Plaza San Antonio (“San Antonio Square”) is one of the nerve centres of Cádiz. During the 18th century, it became the hub of urban expansion and complement to the Plaza de San Juan de Dios in different acts. Here, the Constitution of 1812 was proclaimed and it was also the scene of the bloody suppression...

Church of Capuchinos
The Church of Capuchinos was part of the convent that the order kept open in Cadiz since 1639 until its demolition in the mid-20th century. There were an important group of paintings in the building, which can be seen in the Museum of Cádiz. There were several of Murillo‘s paintings. They say he died of...

Cadiz Museum
The origin of the Museo de Cádiz (Cadiz Museum) begins in 1835 with the deposit at the Academy of Fine Arts of a series of paintings. These were from various secularised monasteries. There is an interesting collection of archaeological finds and fine arts. The casual discovery in 1887 of the male Phoenician anthropoid sarcophagus in...

Church of San Juan de Dios
The Church of San Juan de Dios is located in the heart of the old town of Cadiz. You will find it in the square that bears its name. What is more, it is attached to the building of the Town Hall. It is a rare example of a church with Greek-cross plan. Outside, the...

Port of Cadiz
The Port of Cadiz, thanks to its geographical position, has been located throughout its history as the South Gate of Europe. Well connected by sea, by land and by road and rail. It has the advantage of being just 40 kilometres away from the Jerez airport. Extraordinarily equipped, it has become a major cruise ship...

Casa de las Cadenas
Casa de las Cadenas (“House of Chains”) is currently the headquarters of the Provincial Historical Archives. The origin of its construction lies in a curious story that occurred during the procession of Corpus in 1692. A strong storm forced the guardians to shelter in this house. After this episode, its owner, Manuel Barrios, decided to...

Arco del Pópulo
The Arco del Pópulo was the primitive Puerta del Mar (“Doorway to the sea”), since it was the main access to the port area of Cádiz. At the beginning of the 17th century, the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Pópulo was built before it. It gives the current appearance of a passage. The characteristics of...

Chamber of Commerce
The building of the Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio) of Cadiz is in Neoclassical style, designed by the architect José Gabarrón. Built in 1801, its three-story façade includes all the technical repertoire of this style. The ground floor with decorative bossage and spans of semicircular arches. The upper floors with double pilasters and classic...

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