Best of Nature in Cadiz City

Best of Nature in Cadiz City
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Guide to Nature in Cádiz. Get all the info you need. Guide to parks, natural attractions, landscapes and much more.

The best natural attractions in the city of Cádiz

If you are a nature lover, we recommend to spend your holidays in Cadiz city. The province of Cádiz is well known for protecting many of its natural areas in an exceptional way, rich and varied with flora and where wonderful species of different animals live.

Visit its Natural Park par excellence: Bay of Cádiz Natural Park. This is an outstanding place to stroll and enjoy the marshes, either on foot or by bike.

Let yourself go at the magnificent beaches of clear and fine sand and crystal clear waters. La Cortadura, La Caleta, Santa María del Mar and La Victoria are amazing beaches at where you can appreciate the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Parque Genovés is the largest green area of the old town. It has interesting species from diverse origins, making it a true botanical garden. Wander peacefully until you find La Gruta, a lake with a waterfall where several species of birds live.

All this and more can be done in Cadiz city. TUDESTINO gives you with all the information you need, as well as a set of activities that will make your time here unforgettable!

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La Caleta Beach
La Caleta Beach, in Cádiz, stands out for its beauty and popularity among the gaditanos. It is the only one located in the historic centre, and is the smallest in the entire city. Nestled between the Castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastián, it is located in front of the old Hospital de Mora, the...

Playa de Las Mujeres/Santa Maria del Mar
The Playa de las Mujeres or Santa María del Mar, in Cádiz, is a cosy and pleasant area located near the old town. It receives that name because at the time women who lived in Santa María neighbourhood went there. Located between two breakwaters, it has a large semicircular viewpoint on the upper promenade. From...

Playa de la Victoria
Playa de la Victoria, in Cádiz, is the best known city beach in the new part of the city. Located between the beaches of Santa María del Mar and Cortadura, it has a wide promenade along its entire length. This offers a wide range of restaurants and leisure where you can taste the local cuisine....

Bay of Cadiz
The Bay of Cadiz Natural Park, in the central part of the Atlantic coast of the province, is located in a large area of wetlands. The special ecological characteristics of these wetlands are caused by the influence of the nearby ocean and the mild Mediterranean weather. They coexist in their environment with a high human...

Parque Genovés
Parque Genovés (Genovese Park) is the largest green area of the old town of Cadiz. In the middle of the 19th century, a large wooded park was created, called “De las Delicias”. It ended in a garden and at the end of the century, Mayor Eduardo Genovés undertook the definitive refurbishment, consolidating its appearance and...

Playa de Cortadura
Playa de Cortadura, in Cádiz, is an almost virgin setting and the only one that has the category of “natural”. It extends along one of the margins of the road that connects Cádiz with San Fernando. It is a beach of fine golden sand, although it has some small rocks. On this beach there are...

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