The Best Guided Tours in the Province of Cadiz

If you visit the province of Cadiz, an easy way to get to know it is by participating in prepared and organised tours by specialised companies, which have previously made a selection of contents and routes, looking for the way of getting us this information in the most pleasant way.

The Best Guided Tours in the Province of Cadiz
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Years ago, finding a guided tour was a complicated task due to the shortage of them and the lack of qualified staff. All this has drastically changed for the better in recent years, as each time we find more guided tours throughout the province. This happens thanks to the great boom of tourism and a society that increasingly leaves aside traditional tourism of sun and beach to move to cultural tourism, where you can get to know the city and its history. Currently, there are even courses for the training of the guides.

There are plenty of tours through the province: the tour called Paseo por el Cadiz de la Constitucion (1812), the tour through the medieval quarter, the tour of Los Sentidos… All of them take place in the city centre of Cadiz. If we go to the White Villages (“Pueblos Blancos”) or other large cities, we will also find many types of guided tours to meet the needs of the tourist: from tours to know the history to hiking tours. Also, you can carry out some activity of active and adventure tourism.

TUDESTINO wants to make your stay in the province of Cadiz easier, providing information about companies specialised in guided tours, so you can get to know everything about the history, culture, nature and cuisine of the province of Cadiz .

Discover The Best Guided Tours in the Province of Cadiz

Premium Discovery Adventure Sports
Discovery Adventure Sports offers various services, which are carried out by qualified staff. What does DISCOVERY offer? Active tourism and adventure sports. Multi adventure, climbing, cable slides, orienteering, archery, team building games, hiking and canoeing, tours under full moon in canoes, paddle surfing, canyoning (Garganta Verde, Sima del Diablo, Tajo de Ronda, Buitreras, Río...

Bivouac Trekking along Sierra del Caíllo
The Bivouac Trekking Route along the Sierra del Caíllo is a spectacular hiking route. It runs through one of the wildest places in the Sierra de Grazalema. With impressive views, you wish you had done this route much sooner! We begin this trail in the town of Villaluenga del Rosario and we will ascend to...

Healthy and Accessible Tour along the Cadiz Seafront
The Healthy and Accessible Tour along the Cadiz Seafront runs along the main promenades of the city. It is a long and fully accessible tour for people with reduced mobility. We start at the Tourist Office of Paseo de Canalejas. In a couple of minutes we find the Diputación building and Plaza de España and...

Camarón de la Isla City Tour
The Camarón de la Isla City Tour shows you all the important places where the great flamenco singer spent part of his life or those that, after his death, have gained special importance. We start with the monument to Camarón and the Venta de Vargas, where he began taking his first steps in the world...

Sanlúcar de Barrameda Landmarks Tour
Sanlucar de Barrameda has been a spectator of important historical events in the province of Cádiz that changed the way we see the world. It said goodbye to Christopher Columbus, Magellan and Juan Sebastián El Cano and witnessed the colonisation and Christianization of the New World. It also saw the transfer of the Hiring House...

Mysteries and Great Disasters of Cadiz – Guideo App
Haunted houses, miracles, UFO sightings, fantastic stories, legends and mysterious figures of Cadiz… You can get to know Cadiz in a very different way thanks to this route created by Guideo App, called ‘Mysteries and Great Disasters’. Certainly, you won’t find such a route in any conventional travel guide. Thanks to augmented reality, you can...

Medieval Enclosure and Puerta Tierra Tour
The Medieval Enclosure and Puerta Tierra Tour (“Ruta del Recinto Medieval y Puerta Tierra”) is the shortest of the 4 marked tours in the city, ideal for everybody! Start at the Tourist Information point. After walking through a narrow street we reach Plaza San Juan de Dios. Here we find the statue of Moret and...

Constitution of Cadiz Tour
In this Constitution of Cadiz Tour (“Ruta de la Constitución Gaditana”), you can discover the main points of interest of the city related to the famous Constitution of 1812. We start this city tour at the Tourist Information Office, in Paseo de Canalejas. After a short walk, we reach the first point of interest on...

Stevedores to the Indies Tour
The Stevedores to the Indies Tour (“Ruta de los Cargadores a Indias”) shows how the city of Cádiz was like during the 17th and 18th centuries. We start the route at the Tourist Information point located on the Paseo de Canalejas before appreciating the Plaza San Juan de Dios. Here we can look at the...

Sanlúcar de Barrameda Circumnavigation Tour
The Sanlúcar de Barrameda Circumnavigation Tour will allow you to discover the most important monuments that were especially important in the first round-the-world trip. The first round the world in Sanlucar de Barrameda During the 16th century, the beaches and the port of Sanlúcar were the main characters of the departures and arrivals of the...

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