What to See in San Fernando

What to See in San Fernando
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Find out what to see in San Fernando and the outskirts. Find here all the information of the best places to see and the most popular places to visit with the best recommendations. The only specialised website in the Province of Cádiz.


San Fernando is a place with wide cultural, historical and gastronomic diversity. You can visit Punta del Boquerón, in the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park or the Botanical Garden, a place filled with vegetation and amazing landscapes. The town lies in the Cádiz Bay, a unique natural environment.

Playa de Camposoto and Playa del Castillo stand out among its beaches. They are isolated, extensive and of outstanding natural beauty.

If you want to learn about the history and culture of San Fernando, you shouldn’t miss its historical buildings, like Casas Consistoriales (a building that houses the administrative offices of the city government), the astronomical observatory Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada, Panteón de Marinos Ilustres (the Pantheon of Illustrious Sailors) and Arsenal de la Carraca (Naval Station). Another important attraction of the town is the archaeological site Hornos Púnicos de Torre Alta.

More on the historical culture of the city: the most important religious buildings of the town are Iglesia Mayor de San Pedro y San Pablo, Iglesia de San Francisco, Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Carmen and the Iglesia Nuestra Señora Divina Pastora. All of them are of great architectural value.

The museums of the town are the best option to discover its rich history. Both the Museo Histórico Municipal and the Museo Naval de San Fernando are worth a visit.

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Main Church of San Pedro and San Pablo
The Main Church of San Pedro and San Pablo is a neoclassical temple built in the late 18th century in San Fernando (Province of Cádiz). It is home to San José, patron saint of the city. Here the oath by the members of the general and extraordinary courts was made on September 24,...

Church of Nuestra Señora Divina Pastora
The Church of Nuestra Señora Divina Pastora, in San Fernando, is a Neoclassical religious temple. It was built at the end of the 18th century. We highlight the Neoclassical main altar of the main altarpiece by Angel Bugatto. On both sides of the altar there are two paintings attributed to Juan de...

Playa de Camposoto
Playa de Camposoto, in San Fernando, is located on the outskirts of the city. It is quite well signposted, but you have to walk a long distance or go with a vehicle. It has parking areas in several points. This is a fairly long beach that has several tracks or entrances: all of them are...

Casas Consistoriales
Casas Consistoriales are one of the most magnificent and spectacular buildings in San Fernando. In Neoclassical style, it is considered the largest town hall in Andalusia. Built in the 18th century, the façade and the Elizabethan-style marble lobby stand out. It houses the Logo Research Library, a real gem with more than 6,000 pieces including...

Torrealta Punic Ovens
Torrealta Punic Ovens Archaeological Site is located in San Fernando. The remains of two major pottery workshops associated with the city of Gadir are displayed here. These are the pottery from the late-Punic era of Torre Alta and the Phoenician furnaces from Sector III of Camposoto. This reflects the age of the village as a...

Punta del Boquerón
Punta del Boquerón is a beautiful place in the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park. It is a sand split (a sand accumulation in front of the coastline) that forms a spectacular line of unspoilt dunes in an extraordinary environment, creating an authentic Natural Monument. It is a quiet place with spectacular views of the Sancti...

San Fernando Municipal Historic Museum
San Fernando Municipal Historic Museum allows you to discover the town’s history from its origins up to the present day. Located in a neoclassical building, it has six permanent galleries and holds temporary exhibitions in the main...

La Carraca Naval Station
La Carraca Naval Station (Arsenal de la Carraca), in San Fernando, was the first military establishment created in Spain. It was used for constructing and repairing ships, as well as for storing and distributing weapons and ammunition. It retains some of its most unique buildings. These include the Church of La Carraca, the Penal de...

San Fernando Botanical Garden
In the San Fernando Botanical Garden you will discover the wide range of flora of the province of Cadiz. It houses several Andalusian plant species in danger of extinction and has an interesting collection of more than 600 plants. With 9 hectares, it is next to the Bay of Cádiz Natural...

Playa del Castillo
Playa del Castillo beach, in San Fernando, has an extension close to 2 kilometres. It is located in the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park and it is actually a continuation of Camposoto Beach. It is an isolated beach without a promenade, with golden sands and with a low occupancy level and moderate and windy waves. There...

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