What to See in Tarifa

What to See in Tarifa
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Find out what to see in Tarifa and the outskirts. All the information on the best places to see in Tarifa and the most popular places to visit with the best recommendations. The only specialised website in the Province of Cádiz.

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Tarifa has many interesting things that you can see. It is located in the Strait of Gibraltar, where there is a separation between two continents, and close to the prestigious forest area Los Alcornocales Natural Area. This makes it endowed with a magnificent landscape environment.

This white town offers several high quality beaches, considered the best in Europe for water sports.

The vast majority of Tarifa’s beaches, such as Atlanterra beach and Los Alemanes beach, are semi-unspoilt areas. Cañuelo beach is completely unspoilt. All these beaches are endowed with fine sand and crystal clear waters, and are a true jewel in the Province of Cádiz.

The beach of Valdevaqueros and the beach of Bolonia are unique places, characteristic for its beautiful dunes surrounding the bay.

In the urban area of ​​the municipality there are natural areas, such as Los Lances beach, Chica beach and Isla de Tarifa.

The points of interest of the municipality where you can discover its interesting history are the sites of the Necrópolis de los Algarbes and the emblematic Archaeological Complex of Baelo Claudia.

The beauty found in the streets and squares of Tarifa ensures that anyone who visits this town will fall in love with it.

On TUDESTINO we offer you all the necessary information to enjoy an ideal holiday in a magical place.

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Playa Chica
Playa Chica is a small bay between the port and not far from the Isla de Tarifa, where you can enjoy beautiful views. In order to enjoy a swim, we encourage you to visit this beach on days without wind. Wastebasket, marina, dry cleaning service,...

Castle of Guzmán el Bueno
The Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno (“Castle of Guzmán el Bueno”), in Tarifa, was built in the middle of the 10th century by order of Caliph Abd al-Rahman III. Its strategic position had been used by earlier buildings, such as the remains of Roman structures, which can be found inside. Its mission, predominantly military, has remained...

Bolonia Dunes
The Bolonia Dunes are undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural sites in the province of Cadiz. It is located on Bolonia Beach, in Tarifa. Its impressive dimensions make it visible and recognisable from a distance. This natural treasure takes advantage of the scarce transformation and urbanisation of the area to maintain this image of...

Playa de Valdevaqueros
Playa de Valdevaqueros, in Tarifa, is the mecca of sports lovers who mix water and wind. It is a large and wide beach, isolated from the residential areas. It has different establishments to eat, stay and rent equipment for the practise of these sports. As for the services and equipment offered, these include toilets, spa,...

Playa de los Alemanes
Playa de los Alemanes, located between Cabo de la Plata and Cabo de Gracia, it is one of those beaches that you should definitely visit when in Tarifa. On the mountain that shelters this beach, you will find luxurious villas dotted along the entire slope. The water is incredibly transparent, ideal for snorkeling and swimming...

Baelo Claudia
The archaeological site of Baelo Claudia is situated in an extraordinary location on Bolonia beach (in Tarifa) and within El Estrecho Natural Park. The Roman town has its origins in the late 2nd century B.C. and was built on a former Phoenician-Punic settlement known as Bailo Baelokun. It was an important commercial port due to...

El Estrecho
Located between the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea, El Estrecho Natural Park has unique characteristics. This is due to the extreme climatic conditions to which it is subjected, presenting a very particular fauna and flora. The east and west winds, so characteristic of the Strait, have set up dunes, white and fine sand beaches,...

Playa del Cañuelo
Playa del Cañuelo, also known as Playa de los Militares, is one of the few beaches that are completely unspoilt in Spain. It is one of those spots that will make you feel in full contact with nature. It is located in Tarifa, the southernmost city in the south. To get there, you have to...

Los Alcornocales
With 170,000 hectares, Los Alcornocales Natural Park is crowned as the best preserved nature treasure in the province of Cádiz. Its enormous extension covers 16 municipalities of Cadiz; such as Arcos de la Frontera, Tarifa, Medina Sidonia, Ubrique, Los Barrios, Jimena de la Frontera and Jerez de la Frontera. Its name refers to the park’s...

Playa de los Lances
Located in Tarifa, Playa de los Lances is the best equipped beach in the municipality. It is a huge beach of almost 5 kilometres in length, and could be divided into several zones. The part closest to the municipality is ideal for bathers to enjoy an excellent day at the beach. The wind must always...

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