The Best Things to See in the Province of Cadiz

If you don’t know what to see in the Province of Cadiz, on TUDESTINO we offer an extensive list of cultural spots and natural spaces that you can visit and that will surprise you.

The Best Things to See in the Province of Cadiz
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Here you can find all the information of the main cultural and natural attractions of the province. There are monuments of thousands of years old and some places with unique natural diversity.

Culturally, the province of Cadiz has a spectacular collection of historical buildings, museums and exhibition centres, religious buildings, monuments, theatres and unique spots. All of them will be a delight for culture and history lovers. A reflection of a glorious past, inhabited during thousands of years by major civilisations.

One of the major assets of the province is undoubtedly the diversity of natural spaces. If you visit the province of Cadiz, you cannot leave without walking along fabulous natural areas and parks or the famous beaches of Cadiz. They will leave you speechless!

The province of Cadiz has 6 natural parks that are luckily all different and complementary to each other. They offer visitors natural richness and diversity.

You can choose from more than 70 beaches in Cadiz of all types such as urban, semi-urban or virgin. Wander and escape from reality there!

And you can find all these spots on TUDESTINO.

Discover The Best Things to See in the Province of Cadiz

Pedro Muñoz Seca Foundation
The Fundación Pedro Muñoz Seca (Pedro Muñoz Seca Foundation) hosts the permanent exhibition “Pedro Muñoz Seca: The Humour inside and outside the Theatre”. It provides an overview of the author, born in El Puerto de Santa Maria. It uses the same humour that characterised his life and work and, thus, turned him into a myth...

San Roque Municipal Museum
The San Roque Municipal Museum is an interesting exhibition space where you can discover the history of the municipality. They emphasise the collection of archaeological pieces of Carteia and the exhibition dedicated to Luis Ortega Bru, imager and sculptor born in the town. Are you visiting this municipality belonging to the Campo de Gibraltar region?...

Sierra de Grazalema
The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is one of the places with the greatest ecological value in Andalusia. This natural park, which records the highest rainfall rates in Spain, presents an indigenous fauna and flora of incalculable wealth. Its caves and gorges will delight lovers of...

La Carraca Naval Station
La Carraca Naval Station (Arsenal de la Carraca), in San Fernando, was the first military establishment created in Spain. It was used for constructing and repairing ships, as well as for storing and distributing weapons and ammunition. It retains some of its most unique buildings. These include the Church of La Carraca, the Penal de...

José Cruz Herrera Museum
José Cruz Herrera Museum, in La Linea de la Concepcion, is an art gallery dedicated to the local painter José Cruz Herrera (1890-1972). He was a specialist in portraits of Andalusian and Moorish women, known for his colourful painting and custom...

Cathedral Museum of Cadiz
In the Museo Catedralicio de Cádiz (Cathedral Museum of Cadiz), many items are exposed, such as tables, paintings, ivory and sculptures of great value. There are also the custodies, chalices and other important works of goldsmith and silverware mostly belonging to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Recently, it has enabled a room dedicated to the...

Casa de los Jesuitas
The Casa de los Jesuitas (House of the Jesuits) is the current market of Arcos de la Frontera. Located in Plaza Boticas, this building began to be built in mid-18th century to accommodate the Order. However, it remained unfinished after the first expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain, ordered by Charles III of Spain. As...

Church of Santa Maria del Valle
The Church of Santa Maria del Valle is a baroque building dedicated to the patron saint of Alcalá del Valle. It was built between the 17th and 18th centuries. On the outside, the facade with no tower has a stepped design. Inside, the baptismal font stone reliefs dating back to the 17th century stands out....

Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Prado del Rey
The Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, in Prado del Rey, is a late 18th-century Neoclassical temple. We must highlight its curious domed structure and some very valuable pieces inside. Fox example, the altarpiece from the Church of la Encarnación, in Arcos de la Frontera, or some works of Passionist...

Ermita de San Antonio
From the Nasrid period (XIV-XV century), the Ermita de San Antonio (Hermitage of San Antonio) welcomes us as soon as we arrive in Ubrique (Spain). Surrounded by narrow white streets, its large clock marks the hours for all locals. A few metres away from the Peñón de la Becerra, it offers one of the best...

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